seth098.jpgThis was my core photo.seth097.jpgThis was my picture for stopped motion.seth096.jpgThis was one of my blurred motion pictures,its not very good. seth095.jpgThis is one of my challenge pictures that i printed.
This was my favorite photogram that I did.
This was a picture from our Lighting assigments.
Studio shot
I think this picture is contrast because the bright light coming from the dark trees. I like this picture because it looks really pretty kind of like a fairy tale looking scene.
This picture is rule of thrids.

This picture best represents color , because obviously the bright orange car , also the green grass and trees.
I love this picture because of the car and the color , and also how shiny the car is.
what- What I like about this picture is that it was my first time being to New York and i brings back good memories
when:It was sometime in July.
where I was in New York City.
how: I took this image with my camera phone.
why:I took this because i thought it was pretty and i like how the clouds reflected on the building.